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What Fall Arrest Lanyard Should I Choose?

Guy Pearce | April 13, 2019

Before choosing a fall arrest lanyard you should know – all lanyards are not created equal. A fall arrest lanyard for working in an EWP or boom lift is very different from one that a tower climber might use. There is a huge range of lanyards available. When you consider variables like length, material, connectors […]

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Height Safety for Facility Managers

Guy Pearce | April 2, 2019

The owner or manager of a structure that has public areas, or employs persons to work on the structure has a duty of care under the Workplace Health and Safety Act. The safety and wellbeing of workers and the public that maintain or use the structure is their responsibility. Ensuring that workers and other persons are […]

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And They Get Paid For That…?

Guy Pearce | March 26, 2019

Slope stabilisation at Cunninghams Gap above the Cunningham Highway on the A15 between Brisbane and Warwick has been going on literally since the road was officially opened in 1927. The road has often been closed. In December 2013 a boulder nine metres long and five metres high weighing over 300 tonnes landed on the road […]

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Dangerous Work

Guy Pearce | February 13, 2019

Falling from heights is still one of the biggest causes of injury in the workplace. In 2016 Safe Work Australia statistics show that after motor vehicle accidents, falls from height are the second highest cause of fatalities in the workplace. Some of the figures produced by Safe Work Australia are listed below. These figures are […]

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Working Safely on Fragile Roofs

Guy Pearce | August 21, 2018

Falls from heights still continue to be one of the biggest causes of serious injury or fatality in the workplace. Safe Work statistics show that falls contribute to the death of one person and serious injury of about 300 workers every two weeks. Most of us understand that working with two metres of an exposed […]

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