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Transverse loading at height

Kelly Peyton | April 28, 2022

Connectors are not created equal when it comes to transverse loading. Can your lanyard take that sideways strain without snapping? Find out

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Winning work ute now a force for good

Kelly Peyton | March 23, 2022

Find out how the winning work ute from our Buy 3M, Win a Work Ute promo became a force for good in Goodna.

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Fall Clearance Quiz

Kelly Peyton | March 9, 2022

Take our Fall Clearance Quiz – a short but fun and easy way to think and work through different fall clearance scenarios and calculations.

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Helmet Safety Quiz

Kelly Peyton |

Not every helmet covers all of your height-related risks. So before you get off the ground, take our Helmet Safety Quiz.

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Ladder Safety Quiz

Guy Pearce |

According to Safe Work Australia, 15% of all workplace fatalities and serious injuries are caused by falls from ladders.

That’s why it’s important to know your limits when it comes to ladders.

So take our Ladder Safety Quiz and test your knowledge today – plus get a discount voucher to spend at our online store.

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