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Working Safely on Fragile Roofs

Guy Pearce | August 21, 2018

Falls from heights still continue to be one of the biggest causes of serious injury or fatality in the workplace. Safe Work statistics show that falls contribute to the death of one person and serious injury of about 300 workers every two weeks. Most of us understand that working with two metres of an exposed […]

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What’s New From Petzl – 2018

Guy Pearce | June 30, 2018

Petzl first started manufacturing products under the Petzl brand in the mid-1970’s. Fernand Petzl, an avid caver originally designed and sold equipment for ascending, descending and belaying. The range quickly evolved and by 1990 the first of the professional range was introduced. Since then the Petzl has become synonymous with height safety and in particular […]

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Compliance – Choosing the Right System

Guy Pearce | June 17, 2018

With the increased awareness of height safety in all areas of todays work places, including domestic, commercial and construction sites it is important to ensure that the height safety systems being installed are not only useable but practical, simple and meet all the relevant standards, codes of practice and building codes of Australia. Sorting through […]

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Temporary Fall Arrest Anchors

Guy Pearce | April 14, 2018

Simply put a fall arrest harness system has three main components. The harness, an anchor point and a lanyard (or like) to connect the two. Generally, the harness and the lanyard part of the equation are simple to solve. Finding a rated anchor point can require more thought. Simple enough when permanent anchors have been […]

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Height Safety Equipment Inspections

Guy Pearce | March 13, 2018

The Australian Standard AS/NZS 1891.4 Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices – Selection, use and maintenance clearly outlines the inspection criteria for all fall arrest equipment. Height safety equipment inspections are an important risk control and insure your equipment is in usable condition. Your safety depends upon your height safety equipment being in good condition. What […]

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