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Your Height Safety System Report

Josie Machell | November 6, 2019

Safety installs don’t end with the install! It is a requirement of the Work Health and Safety Regulation that adequate information about the installation are provided. So what does that look like…read more here.

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Fall Arrest Devices – What Are They?

Guy Pearce | October 14, 2019

A fall arrest device is a self locking device that functions to arrest a person’s fall. There are three distinct categories of fall arrest devices. They are the Type 1, the Type 2 and the Type 3 and have very different functions. Fall arrest devices must meet the requirements of AS/NZS 1891.3. As most manufacturing […]

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What Does a Tower Rescue Kit Contain?

Guy Pearce | October 2, 2019

Height Dynamics supply a large range of Tower Rescue Kits. So…what does a Tower Rescue Kit contain? Well, the short answer is – anything you want it too. Let’s have a look at those items in detail.

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Ladder Access and Platform Upgrade

Guy Pearce | September 18, 2019

A Milton business discovered its existing roof access system was non-compliant with current standards and left maintenance workers unprotected and exposed to hazards. After analysing the site, Height Dynamics suggested the modular KATT ® ladder developed by Sayfa Access Systems. Read more here.

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What is Fall Clearance

Guy Pearce | September 15, 2019

UPDATE – Height Dynamics free online fall clearance calculator lets you work out fall clearance in different situations. It’s highly intuitive — just plug in your numbers and go! Makes calculating fall clearance simple. Fall clearance is the distance needed to safely arrest a fall from height. Fall clearance must be calculated when writing a […]

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