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Power-up with a Skylotec ACX Power Ascender

Kelly Peyton | July 1, 2020

Working on wind turbines or rock faces. Scaling buildings, towers, trees and cranes. Getting under bridges or into mines. Navigating ships, silos and storage tanks. The Skylotec ACX Power Ascender even works underwater! Read more here.

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Fall Arrest Anchors Quiz

Guy Pearce | June 12, 2020

While most people select a harness and lanyard combination easily enough, finding the right fall arrest anchor point requires more thought – especially if there are no permanent anchors installed or certified. That’s why we’ve created the following Fall Arrest Anchors Quiz – to help you heighten your awareness of the hazards, risk factors and safety first principles of choosing the right fall arrest anchor

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Harness-up Like a Pro

Guy Pearce | April 21, 2020

By law in Australia, your safety harness must be inspected and the results documented by a competent person every six months. In between, like all height safety equipment, your harness should be checked before and after each use.

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Harnesses and Lanyards for Scaffolders

Guy Pearce | April 2, 2020

Every scaffolder knows the importance of having the right safety set-up for the job. And with falls from height accounting for 30% of construction industry fatalities in Australia, that set-up must include having the right safety harness and lanyard combination.

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Confined Space Quiz

Guy Pearce | March 15, 2020

Many workers operate in confined spaces every year. Each of these spaces have unique hazards and risks that need assessing. Safety professionals have much to consider to ensure that proper procedures are in place before workers enter confined spaces. Do you work in a confined space at your job? Want to learn more about confined space hazards? […]

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