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Rope Access for Facade Removal

Kelly Peyton | August 26, 2021

See the three strategies our Industrial Rope Access Team used to safely remove existing facade panels from the exterior of a commercial building with minimal cost and negligible disruption to building occupants

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Anchor Point Systems – Proprietary vs Mix and Match

Kelly Peyton | July 15, 2021

Need new anchor points? Why pre-tested proprietary anchor point systems are the fastest way to fall-proof and future-proof your new anchorage.

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Hierarchy of Control for better height safety

Kelly Peyton | June 17, 2021

A Hierarchy of Control system can help you eliminate hazards and minimise risks before you even begin work. And that’s always the best time to do it! That’s why we always use a best practice Hierarchy of Control System. On every site, every project, every job.  It helps us to focus on fall prevention, not […]

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Work Positioning Like A Pro

Kelly Peyton | June 10, 2021

When working at height is less about moving around – and more about staying put – you need a work positioning system. Here’s how to put one together like a pro.

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Underwater height safety fit for a frogman

Kelly Peyton | April 22, 2021

A solo mission. To reach a deep, dark, vertical confined space. Situated underground and underwater. What could go wrong? Read about our recent underwater height safety mission

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