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Dangerous Anchors – Part 5

Guy Pearce | August 7, 2019

Enough is Enough! Say No to Dangerous Anchors Another set of examples of dangerous fall arrest anchors tagged safe for use…!!! Does someone have to die before the Height Safety Industry is taken to task for allowing anchors like these to be certified? Height safety systems, such as these examples, have the potential to cause […]

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Custom Access System – EcoSciences

Guy Pearce | July 20, 2019

Custom rope access system allows a fast, non-disruptive fix to internal building feature panelling sited above public traffic areas Recently, the operators of the University of Queensland EcoSciences research facility in Dutton Park asked Height Dynamics to repair failing internal feature panelling. The key challenge was that a glass balustrade and high internal garden beds […]

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AEFAC Certified Installations

Guy Pearce | June 21, 2019

More and more it is becoming evident that the height safety industry needs stronger standards and controls relating to installation, inspection and re-certification of height safety systems. Height Dynamics understands that even the best height safety system on the market is still only as good as the person who installed it. To achieve the highest […]

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Kombi Modular Access System

Guy Pearce | June 2, 2019

Game Meat Processing needed safe access to an external second-level cold room factory doorway. They also wanted to avoid the expense of upgrade of the site foundations or building structure. Height Dynamics suggested a Safya KOMBI modular aluminium stairway and platform system could solve their problem.

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What Fall Arrest Lanyard Should I Choose?

Guy Pearce | April 13, 2019

Before choosing a fall arrest lanyard you should know – all lanyards are not created equal. A fall arrest lanyard for working in an EWP or boom lift is very different from one that a tower climber might use. There is a huge range of lanyards available. When you consider variables like length, material, connectors […]

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