Fall Arrest Anchors Quiz

Finding it hard to select the right fall arrest anchor? You’re not alone. That’s why we created the Fall Arrest Anchors Quiz – to heighten your awareness of the hazards, risk factors and safety first principles of choosing the right fall arrest anchor for your situation.

Take the 10-question quiz today and we’ll send you a PDF download with all the quiz answers. Just to say thanks, you’ll also get a discount voucher to spend at our online store.

Fall Arrest Devices – What Are They?

A fall arrest device is a self locking device that functions to arrest a person’s fall. There are three distinct categories of fall arrest devices. They are the Type 1, the Type 2 and the Type 3 and have very different functions. Fall arrest devices must meet the requirements of AS/NZS 1891.3. As most manufacturing […]

What is Fall Clearance

UPDATE – Height Dynamics free online fall clearance calculator lets you work out fall clearance in different situations. It’s highly intuitive — just plug in your numbers and go! Makes calculating fall clearance simple. Fall clearance is the distance needed to safely arrest a fall from height. Fall clearance must be calculated when writing a […]

Dangerous Anchors – Part 5

Enough is Enough! Say No to Dangerous Anchors Another set of examples of dangerous fall arrest anchors tagged safe for use…!!! Does someone have to die before the Height Safety Industry is taken to task for allowing anchors like these to be certified? Height safety systems, such as these examples, have the potential to cause […]