Confined Space Quiz

How much do you know about the unique hazards and risks of working in a confined space? Do you know how to monitor and navigate your environment? Are you using safety first principles to mitigate and manage risk?

Test your knowledge today with our Confined Space Quiz. As soon as you press Submit, we’ll send you a PDF download with all the answers. And to say thank you, we’ll also send you a discount voucher to spend anytime at our online store. What are you waiting for?

Prior Planning Prevents………

Confined space work is potentially a lethal environment for many reasons; engulfment, drowning and hostile gaseous environments. Careful and thorough risk assessment and hazard identification is paramount when considering this type of work. Every potential threat must be covered when planning the access and confined space rescue procedures. Regular training practice and updates is essential. […]

Facts You Should Know About Gas Detection

In my travels I have come across a multitude of complaints about gas detection instruments. Much of these issues are caused by high humidity and the inability for the sensors to provide accurate readings. This guide introduces some of the facts you should know about gas detection. For more detailed information contact our sales team. […]

Confined Spaces Strike Again

Another confined space tragedy unfolded a few weeks back. A father and two sons were fatally injured from inhaling toxic gases inside of storage tank on a farm east of Melbourne. The father was using ammonia to clean the inside of the tank. A chemical reaction starved him of oxygen and he passed out. His […]