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Height safety systems

Building owners and managers must provide safe access to all building areas that require ongoing maintenance. Do you need a roof ladder? An access point, platform or a walkway? Is a static line sufficient? We can ensure your height safety systems install meet your Workplace Health and Safety obligations.

Height safety supervision

When your people need to operate in high or difficult-to-access locations — geologists doing cliff work, or construction workers on a new high-rise — our AARA-certified Level Three supervisors can establish access and egress systems so they can complete their work safely.

Confined space safety

Our confined space teams are certified to operate safely in confined spaces, combining their training with careful planning, and appropriate PPE and safety equipment to work in spaces like storage tanks, pressure vessels, pipes and sewers.


Our technicians combine certified rope access expertise with trade qualifications. They can do almost anything for heavy industry, ranging from non-destructive testing, structural repairs and painting to high-access riggings, roof repairs and bridge inspections.



Our highly capable specialists can combine rope access qualifications with just about any trade or technical qualification you could need for commercial buildings such as skyscrapers, high-rise and residential units. They can do painting, window replacement, façade works, sign installation and much more.


Difficult access

When others say it can’t be done — we can do it. Our people regularly perform highly complex rigging work. If it’s something like a below-deck operation on a bridge, wharf or platform, upper-deck access for maintenance, or just a difficult rigging job, the Height Dynamics has the answers.



Our AARA-certified rope access operators have Level One, Level Two and Level Three certification to perform or assist with geotechnical work such as rock scaling and slope stabilisation, slope surveys and engineer supervision and vegetation removal.


Safety process audits

We can quickly review your systems, processes and supporting documentation to see that they meet current legislative requirements and best practice — and identify any compliance gaps that need to be rectified and ensure you’re providing a safe workplace for those who work at heights.


Harness and equipment

Our inspectors have years of experience and nationally recognised qualifications. We can maintain, repair and service all height safety, confined space and rescue equipment. And we can perform inspections either at our workshop or at your work-site to maintain efficiency and minimise downtime.


Roof safety systems

Roof ladders, access points, anchors, platforms and static lines all need regular inspection to maintain compliance and safety. We install, inspect and manage compliance for roof access for many of S.E. Queensland’s leading builders, asset managers and owners.


Free asset tracker

The Height Dynamics Asset Management System keeps all your height safety compliance in one place online — so that tracking compliance and inspections for roof height safety installations and equipment is a breeze. It’s the easy way to stay AS/NZS 1891.4 compliant.


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