What’s New From Petzl – 2018

Petzl first started manufacturing products under the Petzl brand in the mid-1970’s. Fernand Petzl, an avid caver originally designed and sold equipment for ascending, descending and belaying. The range quickly evolved and by 1990 the first of the professional range was introduced. Since then the Petzl has become synonymous with height safety and in particular […]

Spanset’s New iPlus Range of Harnesses

Spanset’s new range of premium iPlus harnesses showcases some of their latest technology. The harnesses have been re-designed. They are now manufactured with the new iWeb “inspection ready” webbing, padding with increased ventilation and an ergonomically supportive waistband. SpanSet’s iWeb webbing is woven with a load bearing red indicator core, encased by a further load […]

What Fall Arrest Harness Should I Choose?

Before purchasing a fall arrest harness buyers should note that they are not all the same. A compliance level harness will have limited or no extra features while a specialty harness will have unique features to meet specific applications or non-standard environments. The following points should be considered when purchasing a harness. What tasks do […]

Our Brush With Fame

Height Dynamics recently supplied equipment for the Hollywood disaster movie San Andreas. San Andreas starred “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson cast as a Los Angeles Fire Department Air Rescue helicopter pilot. Height Dynamics supplied Village Roadshow Studios a range CMC rescue equipment. The harnesses, ropes and associated hardware where used by the set designers to create […]