Stop the Drops Quiz

Test your knowledge on falling objects today with our 10-question Stop the Drops Quiz. Once you’re done, we’ll send out a PDF download with all the quiz answers – plus a discount voucher to spend at our online store.

Stop the Drops – Fall Prevention for Tools

Did you know? A 220g spanner dropped 23m hits with 50kg – That’s a full tool box! A 2kg wrench dropped 6m hits with 117kg force – That’s a cement mixer! According to statistics released by Safe Work Australia there have been 125 workplace fatalities and 15,410 Serious Workers Compensations Claims between 2010 and 2014 […]

What Goes Up Must Come Down (Or Does It?)

Height Dynamics have been providing safety solutions to the height safety, confined space and rescue industry for years. We are dedicated to providing the right equipment and advice to get the thousands of people who work in high risk activities home safely everyday. But what about the many other people who work on the ground […]