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Taz Lov multifunctional fall arrest device

Taz Lov Multifunctional Type 1 Fall Arrest Device

Manoeuvre up, down and around your ropes safely with the fall-proof and famously functional Taz Lov – the Swiss Army Knife of fall arrest devices!

Redesigned with rope access workers in mind

If you’re a tree surgeon or arborist, rescue technician or rope access professional – you’ll need to reach your work area by rope. Which means having the right height safety equipment to hand is crucial.

But that equipment can quickly mount up. Along with height safety PPE, you’ll need:

  • A device that can fit and work on vertically and/or diagonally tensioned ropes
  • A separate (or combined) means to both ascend and descend your rope
  • The ability to adjust and/or reposition in order to perform work tasks
  • Equipment capable of arresting any unexpected fall from height
  • Ideally, the ability to self-evacuate to ground in an emergency

To meet your safety needs traditionally – you might need to carry, set-up and switch between up to five rope access and work-at-height safety devices. But not anymore – the Taz Lov redesign fixed that.

The multifunctional Taz Lov – one device, five functions

Along with descending, the Taz Lov’s unique and innovative design supports other critical rope-related functions such as ascending, work positioning and arresting your fall.

And in the event of an arrested fall (if circumstances allow), the descent functionality can also be used for self-evacuation as part of your rescue plan.

By performing up to five functions in one, the Taz Lov can be use in place of five different devices:

  • Fall Arrest Device
  • Chest Ascender
  • Rope Descender
  • Work Positioning Lanyard adjuster
  • Self-Rescue Device (as part of rescue plan)

This makes it easily the most productive and efficient rope device on the market. Not to mention a great investment.

The Taz Lov is an Australian-approved Type 1 Fall Arrest Device

First and foremost, the Taz Lov doesn’t compromise on safety. It’s an Australian-approved Type 1 Fall Arrest Device – meaning it conforms to the Australian Standard (1891.3:2020) for Fall Arrest Devices.

Of course, it also meets all relevant international Standards including the European Standard (EN 12841:2006) for Personal Fall Protection Equipment.

The Taz Lov is a versatile Chest Ascender and Rope Descender

The Taz Lov is suitable for use on 10-11mm diameter ropes and can be used on normal vertically tensioned ropes. It can also be used on sites where ropes are tensioned diagonally to avoid obstacles.

Once installed, the device moves seamlessly between the ascent and descent functions – allowing you to manoeuvre up, down and around your work site with ease and efficiency.

Just be sure to always hold and brake on any free rope coming out of the device whenever using it in descent mode.

The Taz Lov can be used as a Work Positioning Lanyard Adjuster

After navigating to your work area, you can use the Taz Lov as a rope adjuster to adjust the length of your work positioning lanyard and put you in the best position to perform work tasks.

And because the Taz Lov is also a Type 1 Fall Arrest device, you have the security you need to get the job done even if your work area is exposed to a potential fall risk.

A Taz Lov device can be useful in a self-rescue scenario

If you’re working-at-height and fall, your Taz Lov device will arrest that fall. However, you’re not truly safe until you’re back down on the ground. But here again, the Taz Lov might come in handy.

Whilst not designed to take the place of a comprehensive rescue plan, the ability to switch from fall arrest to descent mode and lower yourself safely and quickly to the ground without assistance could be a lifesaver.

Of course, you must first be conscious and physically capable of using your Taz Lov device – but it gives you an option. If performed, this process is called self-evacuation or self-rescue. All such potential rescue scenarios should be considered, trained for and practised as part of your rescue planning.

Note: Your Taz Lov device is ordinarily rated for a 120kg load, which would be suitable for self-rescue. However, in an assisted or two-person rescue scenario it can accommodate a load of up to 300kg.

Two Taz Lov fall arrest devices to choose from

Both the Taz Lov 2 and Taz Lov 3 (latest) perform all of the above functions. Both come fully featured and are designed to the same Standards and technical specifications. There’s just one difference.

The most recent variation – the Taz Lov 3 – has an opening side plate. This allows you to install and/or remove rope line from the device whilst it is remains connected to your carabiner.

This latest innovation means you do not need to disconnect the device from your harness or anchor – which eliminates the risk of dropping your Taz Lov device during rope installation and removal.

Taz Lov 2 Fall Arrest DeviceTaz Lov 3 Fall Arrest Device
Taz Lov 2Taz Lov 3
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