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Rope access for repairs and maintenance

Rope access for high-rise repairs and maintenance

Fast-track your high-rise repairs and maintenance schedule today with our on-call Rope Access team. We can get the job done quickly, safely, cost-effectively and with less onsite disruption.

Take the hard work out of high-rise repairs and maintenance

If you own a commercial building or industrial structure, you’ll know all about heavy-duty repairs and maintenance. But when these also need to be done at height, it’s a different safety ball game.

So instead of sweating it (or forgetting it), de-risk your repairs and maintenance programme by calling in the experts. Our Rope Access team are height safety technicians with the skills, training, systems and specialist equipment to scale your structure. No matter how high, we can help you get the job done.

High-rise repair and maintenance jobs that rope access can help with

The variety of work we do in commercial, industrial, confined and difficult access spaces is enormous. From everyday repairs to regular maintenance and heavy-duty cleaning and structural damage control.

Atrium Upkeep: Get your atrium and/or indoor roof cleaning and maintenance done without the need for scaffolding or EWPs >

Bridge Maintenance: Rope access offers a flexible, low environmental impact option for undertaking bridge repairs >

Cladding Repairs: Take advantage of our industrial abseiling and trade skills to get your cladding repairs done >

Concrete Cracks: The fast and easy way to an initial assessment (and potentially repair) of your high-rise concrete fractures >

Emergency Repairs: Our callout team have decades of experience dealing with storm season and other emergency repairs >

External Clean: We can clean any commercial or industrial structure – from silos to skyscrapers and telco towers to wind turbines >

Facade Leaks: Our rope access team can fix your facade leak faster than you can say expensive and intrusive scaffolding >

Graffiti Removal: Don’t put up with graffiti a moment longer than you have to. Let us scour it from your sight and your structures >

Internal Repairs: We can get internal repairs done fast whilst keeping your staff, customers and visitors safe from above >

Protective Coating: Let us help you get the important but difficult and dangerous work of protecting your building assets done >

Repaint Ceiling: Got a high-rise paint job? We’ve got the rope access and work positioning systems to get the job done >

Repair Joints: We can help you inspect, clean, repair and refill damaged and/or deteriorating expansion joints >

Reseal Glazing: Waterproofing is always an urgent job. That’s why our callout team are available to work onsite seven days a week >

Roof Clean: Want us to clear your gutters, clean (and inspect) your roof and give you a roof condition report? It’s all in a days work >

Signage Repairs: Don’t put up with damaged or dilapidated building signage. We’ll have your name back in lights in no time >

Water Blasting: No matter how high, we can scale your structure and blast away years worth of grit and grime in no time >

No job too small, too big or too difficult. This is what we do!

Just call on (07) 3862 2533 and ask for Onsite Services. Then tell us about your site and what work you need done. Seven days a week, our on-call Rope Access crew can be there to help

  • We’ve got the height safety skills and equipment to get up, down and around your site with ease
  • Once set-up for safety, we can supervise any work-at-height and be your standby rescue crew
  • Want the job done for you? Or Rope Access Team area also trade qualified and experienced