Why Use Rope Access?

The low impact and versatility of a rope access team can mean that jobs normally requiring extensive scaffolding, road and pedestrian traffic control, expensive labour costs and disruption to tenants, can be done quickly and efficiently with limited disruption at a comparatively low cost. This was recently highlighted when a customer approached Height Dynamics to […]

All In a Days Work

Rope access technicians generally abseil down ropes. Climbing up requires a completely different set of skills. The seemingly impossible task of accessing the warning lights on the spire of this Inner City Brisbane building is a standard job for our difficult access specialists. The images say it all, but really another day in the office […]

Another Day at the Office

Another day at the office for Height Dynamics rope access team. This particular task involved the removal of product built up on the walls inside a 33 metre high silo. The instability of the product adhered to the silo walls meant that accessing the silo through the base of the silo created an unacceptable risk. […]

Petzl Progress Adjust Lanyards

Height Dynamics is pleased to announce the release of the new Petzl Progress Adjust lanyard range in Australia. This innovative product allows for quick and easy adjustment for work positioning and fall restraint. Its ergonomically designed rope adjuster releases easily with a simple turn. The user can quickly and easily adjust the length of the […]

Problem Solved

Rope Access methods have once again been the champion in solving a potentially expensive maintenance issue. In this case on a large steel structure utilised for unloading bulk ship materials. The challenge for the client was to be able to start and suspend maintenance works during ships docking into port. Height Dynamics has been provide […]