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Rope Access for Facade Removal

Rope Access for Facade Removal

How our Industrial Rope Access Team were able to use rope access for facade removal

Height Dynamics were called in recently by the custodians of a large commercial building in Brisbane.

The client needed facade panels removed from the exterior of their building. However, they didn’t have the skills or equipment to get the job done. Plus everything they’d looked into so far (scaffolding, elevated work platforms) was expensive, disruptive and time-consuming.

Luckily the team at Height Dynamics could offer them a better alternative.


Here are the three strategies our Industrial Rope Access Team used to safely remove existing facade panels from the exterior of a commercial building with minimal cost and negligible disruption to building occupants.

1. Create a Ground-Level Exclusion Zone

We marked out a work safe zone by erecting tall physical fencing barriers and safety warning signs around the perimeter of the building

This allowed our team a safe space in which to remove and lower facade panels to the ground and then prepare them for removal from the site

It also ensured no-one below was at risk in the event of a facade panel (or any other debris or tools) accidentally falling to the ground

2. Setup an Industrial Rope Access System

After inspecting the site, we identified that there were existing permanent roof-mounted anchors we could use to gain access to the facade panels 

Combined with our rope access equipment and PPE, these anchors allowed the Rope Access Team to safely access the building facade

The establishment of a rope access system was a big win for our client. It avoided the need for scaffolding and/or the use of a mobile work-platform – both of which are time-consuming, expensive and labour-intensive to set-up.

3. Deploy a Two-Person Rope Access Team

A team of two experienced rope access operators then worked methodically to quickly but carefully release each lightweight composite metal panel from the building substructure and lower it safely to ground level

Once on the ground, they cleared up any debris, packed up each panel and removed it from the site

  • All facade panels were safely removed from the building exterior as required
  • There was minimal inconvenience and/or disruption to building occupants 
  • Passing pedestrians were protected from operational risks at all times

Not having the requisite rope access equipment or skilled personnel, our client initially considered more disruptive and expensive alternatives (such as installing a significant new scaffolding structure). 

Using rope access for facade removal allowed our client to avoid time-consuming and costly alternatives. Our Rope Access Team were able to make use of existing infrastructure (roof anchors) and we had the equipment and expertise to get the job done.


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