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Roofers Kit Guide

Roofers Kit Selection

A Roofers Kit is well worth checking out if part of your job involves regularly getting work done on a roof. In this guide, we cover who needs a roofers kit, the typical (and non-typical) components of a roofers kit, key factors to consider when shortlisting kits and the different kinds of kits out there.

Who needs a Roofers Kit?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in roof work, a reliable Roofers Kit (also known as a roof workers kit or roofers fall protection kit) is a key element to securing your safety on-the-job. If you’re in the following group, you could probably benefit from a Roofers Kit:

  • Roofers • Builders • Plumbers • Painters • Maintenance
  • Telco Installers • HVAC Installers • Solar Panel Installers • Skylight Installers

What’s in a Roofers Kit?

A Roofers Kit is a compatible collection of height safety equipment designed to prevent falls whilst working on a roof.

Basic Kit Components

A basic Roofers Kit typically includes a full body harness, rope (with adjuster and integral lanyard) plus anchor strap.

Full Body Harness

A full body harness is the centrepiece of your Roofers Kit. Worn around the torso and legs, it’s designed to distribute the forces of a fall across your entire body. A good harness should be comfortable, adjustable, and durable

Tip: If you work long hours on a roof, look for a kit with a premium harness which has more padding
Full Body Harness
Rope adjuster shock absorbing lanyardRope (with Adjuster and Integral Lanyard)

Roofers Kits typically combine a rope line with a fall arrest rated rope adjuster and integrated shock-absorbing lanyard

This combination ensures you can easily use your Roofers Kit in restraint (that is, adjusted to stop you falling). But if you do fall, the rope adjuster will arrest your fall and the lanyard will slow acceleration and dissipate energy (reducing injury)

Tip: If you work on a structure with sharp edges, look for a kit with rope that’s been manufactured, tested and rated for leading edges
Anchor Strap

Because they’re so versatile, portable and easy-to-use with an existing structure or anchors, you’ll typically find an anchor strap (also called a tie-off adaptor) in your Roofers Kit

Tip: The anchor strap shown is designed to go around structure. Depending on your site, you may need an alternative anchor strap or sling in your kit
Anchor Strap
Extras to Upgrade your Kit

You may need to branch out from your basic Roofers Kit – either to a kit that is more site-specific or by upgrading or adding extra components.

+ Temporary Anchor

For site-specific portable anchorage, add a suitable temporary anchor to your kit. The right temporary anchor’s a life-saver when there’s no suitable structural features or existing anchors to connect to
Temp Anchor
Lanyard+ Extra Shock-Absorbing Lanyard

Gives your kit more versatility for different sites. For example, an extra lanyard can be ideal for tradies who also work out of a mobile EWP
+ Additional Carabiners

Extra carabiners can come in handy. For example, to help redirect your rope when accessing the far corners of your roof. Or if using additional anchors to access the roof
Drop Tool+ Drop Tool Kits

Drop Tool Kits are an ideal accessory to keep your tools and equipment safely tethered and close to hand. They also prevent dropped tools from endangering others on-site

Shortlisting Roofers Kits

Here are three handy questions to help you identify your best-fit Roofers Kit plus any upgrades or extras you may need:

  • Will it suit my roof / work?
    Consider the profile of your roof (ie steep) and what it’s made of (ie metal). Plus where you work (ie near sharp edges)
  • Does it have what I need?
    If your daily roof time is high, upgrade to a padded harness and/or add extras to your kit for convenience and comfort
  • Can I trust this kit?
    To ensure any Roofers Kit you buy meets all relevant Australian safety standards, buy from a height safety specialist

Shopping Roofers Kits

Here’s a small selection of fully-compliant, ready-to-buy Roofers Kits – ranging from basic kits to more site-specific kits. For more options, see our full Roof Work Collection

Hi Safe Roofers KitFerno metal roof workers kit
Hi-Safe Roofers Safety Kit
Ideal for occasional use
Ferno Metal Roof Workers Kit
Ideal for metal roof
Height Dynamics Tradesmans' KitMiller Leading Edge Kit
Height Dynamics Tradesman’s Kit
Ideal for work in EWP
Miller Leading Edge Roofers Kit
Ideal for sharp edges

Need help finding your best-fit Roofers Kit?

Check out of Roof Work Collection, then give us a call or pop into our Brisbane store to discuss your best options. We’ll kit you out with everything you need to get up, down and around your roof safely.