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Rollgliss No Worries

Rollgliss NoWorries descender group

SRTE was acquired back in 2011 by Capital Safety and since then we have seen a number of changes to this iconic rope access/rescue range. One of the most popular products is the Rollgliss No Worries rescue descender. This month we wanted to highlight this product and some of its features.

The Rollgliss No Worries Double Stop Descender is a reversible descent control device that climbs as easily as it descends. It connects between the users harness and rope line and is designed to regulate friction and control the descent when the user is descending on an anchored rope. The handle allows the user to control their speed and position themselves at any point on the rope. This provides greater control, added protection and a comfortable, smooth action on the rope.

The Descender has the added advantage of allowing you to lock off if you intend to be stopped for any length of time. This provides total freedom of movement, security and peace of mind while conducting rescue or work operations.

A genuine two person rescue device requiring no additional belay support, the descender is used with kernmantle rope that is threaded through the unit. Its unique design ensures that the rope is not twisted or damaged during use.



  • Multi-function design reduces the amount of equipment needed
  • Incorporates the functionality of a stop descender, chest ascender and belay device in one compact unit
  • Auto stop descent mechanism allows you to stop the descent if you move the handle too far or if you panic and let go of the lever
  • One handed auto stop belay for lowering heavy loads with maximum control, safety and ease
  • Available in a range of models to suit rope sizes from 10.5mm to 13mm
  • 300kg SWL makes the descender a genuine two person rescue device
  • Aluminium construction with anodised finish for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Side plate colour signifies suitable rope size: Gold= 10.5-12.0mm, Blue = 12.5-13.5mm

The instructions and the product flyer of the Rollgliss No Worries descender can be viewed on our online store. For more information do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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