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Kombi Modular Access System

Modular Access System Installation

Fast-install KOMBI system gives company safe elevated access

Game Meat Processing needed safe access to an external second-level cold room factory doorway. They also wanted to avoid the expense of upgrade of the site foundations or building structure.

Height Dynamics suggested a Safya KOMBI modular aluminium stairway and platform system could solve their problem.

KOMBI: the modular aluminium stairway and platform system for elevated and rooftop access

KOMBI is an engineered, no-weld, modular aluminium stairway and platform system designed for easy customisation and on-site assembly. Re-usable components means Kombi saves design costs and reduces lead times.

In particular, the stairs can be adjusted to suit the required angle while allowing each individual tread to be levelled and spaced.

KOMBI benefits: fast, easy on-site installation and lower costs

KOMBI minimises the need for precise, pre-installation on-site measurement and fabrication and delivers significant installation time savings and less disruption to site operations.

This considerably reduces design challenges, as well as delivery and installation lead times.

KOMBI: no need for heavy lifting equipment.

Height Dynamics customised and then installed the KOMBI modular aluminium access stairway with platforms on the company’s Wulkuraka premises, leveraging the inherent creativity and light weight of system to build a structure that accommodated the varying foundation levels.

Site workers now have complete access to the upper level of the cold room facility through a code compliant safe access system.

Height Dynamics are height safety specialists and have a range of solutions available to provide access to your essential services. Contact Height Dynamics for information on all our access services.

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