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Force2 Shock Absorber Range


The Next Revolution In Lanyard Technology

The Force2 fall protection lanyard range features Hi-10 energy management material making it the smallest shock pack in the world. It features the latest technology in connectors and webbing and has a durable soft cover with protected labels.

The Force2 Lanyards are manufactured with the lightest and strongest components on the market. The new Hi-10 shock pack is 66% smaller and 40% lighter than competing products. This makes it the smallest available shock pack in the world. Consisting of high tenacity fibre energy management material, the Hi-10 is resistant to abrasion, moisture, chemicals and cuts, and uses less than half the material content than competing products.

Lightest, strongest, smallest shock absorber in the world – 66% smaller and 40% lighter compared to previous models.

The lanyards are also equipped with an expanded range of lighter and stronger connector combinations, including new triple action karabiners, snap and scaffold hooks to meet the demands of all industry applications. The range also includes the all new WrapBax lanyard, specifically designed to withstand the rigorous requirements of tie-back applications, making the application simple, fast and efficient.

Height Dynamics sell a full range of Force2 Fall Arrest Lanyards. For more information or technical enquiries contact our sales team.

Please refer to the Force2 Lanyard Data Sheet to see the full range of models available.

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