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Height-wise solar panel installations

Solar Panel Installations

Solar panel installations that utilise pro-level height safety solutions will keep your crew safer, make your clients happier and put you in a position to win bigger, more complex jobs.

Height-wise installers stand out because they think ahead. Prior to a solar panel installation, they plan for the impact new panels will have on existing roof anchorage and canvas ways to facilitate their client’s safe ongoing access to the panels for cleaning and maintenance.

In short, they think beyond installation day to add value to their clients – and in doing so, they’re of more value to their clients. And not just existing ones, but prospective clients as well. So if you want to stand out, step-up your installation game and win more work – check out our pro-level height safety solutions.

BYO Safe Roof Access

Far safer and more versatile than ladders, a mobile elevating work platform (EWP) is your go-to for bigger, trickier solar panel installations. Just remember to always follow the guidelines for safe EWP use.

Solar Panel Installations - Scissor LiftSolar Panel Installations - Knuckle Boom
Enclosed motorised platform that moves up and down alongside structure to provide safe roof access for people and plantEnclosed motorised platform with telescopic boom arm and knuckle bucket that lifts, extends and positions for difficult access
Available to HireAvailable to Hire
  • Ladders are the least safe and most limited option for roof installations. Firstly, they’re only suitable for low-rise structures. And secondly, they’re unsuitable for lifting or hauling equipment as you cannot maintain three points of contact at all times.
  • When used correctly, mobile elevated work platforms (EWPs) are a far safer option and give you the scope to consider bigger, more complex installations. They also come in a variety of formats so there’s something to suit everyone. Typically available to hire or buy.

IMPORTANT! Always follow safety guidelines and protocols for safe EWP use: Using a mobile EWP to access a rooftop is not without fall risk and therefore remains a strictly controlled activity. For example, all users of a boom style EWP must be sufficiently trained, wear a full-body harness and be connected to a fall arrest system secured by a lanyard to an approved anchor point. There are also specific guidelines that must be met before you can exit the boom and move onto the roof. For a full list of requirements, see the Australian Standard AS 2550.10-2006 Clause 5.9 – Access to and Egress from the Platform in the Elevated Position.

Map Out your Anchors

Relocate existing and/or add new temporary or permanent fall arrest anchors as needed to complete your fall arrest system.

Solar Panel Installations - Temporary AnchorsSolar Panel Installations - Permanent Anchors
No anchors? No problem. The right temporary fall arrest anchor will keep you safe on-the-job. Just be sure to buy from a height safety specialistThe relocation of existing or installation of new permanent anchors is best left to a height safety pro who will tag and certify each one before use
Self InstallationPro Installation
  • Map out any anchors already installed on the roof and avoid disturbing them if you can. If you can’t, have your height safety specialist relocate existing anchors so they can continue to be used for their original purpose.
  • It goes without saying that you should NEVER install a solar panel over an existing anchor (but we’re saying it because we’ve seen it happen!)
  • If there are no existing anchors – or they’re not sufficient or in the right location(s) – you can either use a temporary anchor or get a permanent one installed to complete your fall arrest system. The latter can also be used during ongoing maintenance.


Plan a Safe Perimeter

Make it faster, easier and safer for your clients to access and maintain their new solar panels by establishing a safe panel perimeter.

Solar Panel Installations - GuardrailsSolar Panel Installations - Walkways
Vertical barriers with horizontal handrails that prevent falls when working on panels located near the edge of a roofConnected elevated platforms used to move around panels, reducing fall through risks and making maintenance easier
Temporary or Permanent
Pro Installation
Pro Installation
  • Clients expect a return on their investment which means every solar panel must continue to perform. To ensure this, they need access to undertake cleaning, maintenance and repairs.
  • Establishing a solar panel perimeter with edge protection (if needed) can help clients meet their legal obligation to provide safe access to the new panels for ongoing maintenance.
  • If the roof profile allows – adding elevated platforms or a complete walkway around the panels will protect them from foot traffic and make ongoing maintenance easier (download recent case study)


Gear-Up for Installation

Gear-up for your solar panel installation with the right harness and lanyard combo plus tool-tethering and specialist gear to help lift and haul equipment.

Standard HarnessPremium HarnessHarness Kits
Solar Panel Installations - Standard HarnessSolar Panel Installations - Premium HarnessSolar Panel Installations - Harness Kits
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LanyardsLifting GearDrop Tool Solutions
Solar Panel Installations - LanyardsSolar Panel Installations - Lifting & HaulingSolar Panel Installations - Drop Tool Solutions
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Need an installation partner?

We’ve got the specialist equipment and on-site teams to supervise your safety and install the essential elements of a temporary or permanent height safety system for any solar site you need to navigate.

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