Working With Leading or Sharp Edges

Leading edge and sharp edge work poses a series of unique risks for persons working at height. Many lifelines or fall arrest devices available do not necessarily address these increased risks. This exposes the users to potentially catastrophic consequences. A leading edge is found for example, when laying decking or roof sheets. The fall arrest […]

Fall Arrest vs Fall Restraint

The Standard AS/NZS 1891.4 2009 has omitted “total restraint” and the use of “restraint equipment” from its scope. It states that it “aims to prevent fall arrest situations being misclassified as total restraint and the consequential provision of inappropriate protection systems.” In place of the “restraint system” that the previous Standard allowed, the standard now […]

Storage of Your Height Safety Equipment

It is unlikely that your height safety equipment will ever be used to arrest a fall. Should that ever occur it is critical that it performs the task. Too often, workers take off their harness at the end of a shift, toss it in the back of a work van, tool locker, or sometimes leave […]