Dangerous Installations Part 2

A shocking statistic has been revealed by one of the peak industry bodies Working At Heights Association (WAHA) “……only one in three roof anchors are fit for use.” Of the 3245 anchors audited by association members over the last three months, 2260 were deemed unusable. This fact was recently highlighted as one of our employees came […]

How to Break a Carabiner

I was recently given the opportunity to walk around the work site of one of Brisbane’s major infrastructure projects. The safety team had asked me to take photos and provide feedback to them on my observations. The misuse of safety equipment onsite constantly amazes me. Some of the images are shared below. End anchors of […]

Dangerous Installations

The Height Dynamics compliance/audit team inspect a number of anchors and systems in the course of their daily duties. Increasingly they are coming across unsafe and uncompliant height safety anchors and static lifelines being installed as fall arrest systems on roofs. These unsafe installations aren’t discovered until either the installation is inspected for height safety […]