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SecuraSpan Rail Horizontal Lifeline System

Rail davit and horizontal lifeline

Height Dynamics are excited to be the first company to install Capital Safety’s new height safety system the Secura-Span Rail Temporary Horizontal Life-Line. This is the culmination of an ongoing collaboration with Height Dynamics, Capital Safety and Queensland Rail.

Key players from the 3 organisations have had a series of meetings over the last 18 months. This has enabled development of this new fall arrest system and to bring it to market. One of the main issues that had to be overcome included the need to ensure that line signals where not transferred past signal breaks. Extensive testing was carried out on a synthetic system to ensure that it meet the electrical conductivity requirements outlined by the signal engineers.

The static line system is a simple system that clamps on the underside of the rail. It is quick to install and provides continuous fall protection for up to four persons.

Queensland Rail is trialling the Secura-Span Rail Temporary Horizontal Life-Line on an inner city bridge. The installation of the systems was performed in the space of two hours during a scheduled shutdown. The installation of the system is very efficient and uses a limited range of hand tools to install.

Rail davit and lifeline closeup Rail clamp end anchor horizontal lifeline

The key benefits of the system to Queensland Rail are that

  • The system will allow safe access to the bridge in the event of a vehicle bridge strike to assess the damage.
  • Track inspectors have safe access on the bridge without track closure as the height safety system does not obstruct the track like existing methods i.e. rail skates
  • The system has been set up to allow the users to work using the fall restraint method. This decreases the risks associated with free fall arrest systems.
  • Up to 4 users (2 per span) can use the system at one time

Part of the range of rail safety product recently released includes a clamp on davit base. This allows access and rescue from above. The davit base accepts a standard SALA davit and can be used with a variety of winches and haul systems to assist in rescue. This versatile anchor system can also be used to lower persons below the track level. This is useful if work needs to be performed on the pylons or spans themselves. Again it is a very simple and quick system to install.

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