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Rope access needle for big screen clean

How an Australian-built rope access needle system on rails became key to the safe cleaning of Cbus Super Stadium’s new mega screens

It’s not every day you get to tailor a turnkey maintenance system for the iconic Cbus Super Stadium – home ground of the NRL’s Gold Coast Titans. But after upsizing the big screens at each end of the ground, the Cbus maintenance team needed a safe way to access and clean them. Not only to maintain and protect their investment – but also to continue delivering crystal clear views of the on-field action to every person across their 27,690-capacity stadium.

Two Sides, One Big Problem

Focusing on the screen at the North East end of the stadium, our first task was to review nearby existing infrastructure for safe access and/or anchorage options.

Through a series of ladders, cages, barriers and walkway platforms – the team were already able to safely access the rear of the screen for ongoing cleaning and maintenance. However, the front of the screen was a different story.

There was no overhead, parallel or foot level infrastructure in front of the screen. The structure at the back of the screen wasn’t enclosed at the top (so no top-edge platform to access from). And the screen face itself wasn’t load-bearing.

The Big Screen Clean Solution

To provide access to the top edge of the screen from behind – and then to the front face of the screen from above – we needed to create stable anchorage for a rope access system that would protrude efficiently so that maintenance teams could abseil safely to the work zone below.

This would require a three part installation:

  • Kombi Platform with Custom Hatch
  • Raptor Rail & Trolley System
  • Raptor Rope Access Needle System
1. Kombi Platform with Custom Hatch

The first phase of our installation was to leverage the existing height safety system behind the screen in order to provide safe access and a platform to stand on at the top edge of the screen.

Due to the narrow depth of the screen infrastructure, we needed a flexible solution. We also needed to work either side of an existing caged ladder system. Sayfa’s easily customisable and configurable Kombi access system was perfect for our needs:

  • We installed a series of connected aluminium platforms onto Kombi supports in order to create a walkway at the top edge of the screen
  • And into this, we inserted a custom hinged lid opening or hatch to provide access to the new platform from below (using an existing portable ladder)
2. Raptor Rail & Trolley System

To span the top of the stadium’s big screen, we also installed two sets of the Raptor Rail and Trolley System. The system is strong enough for two users – one per rope access needle. It will provide uninterrupted lateral mobility across the face of the stadium’s big screens for easy navigation.

3. Raptor Rope Access Needle System

After consulting with an engineer to get our configuration just right, we installed a Raptor Rope Access Needle System onto each of the newly-installed Raptor Rail & Trolley systems.

A Raptor Rope Access Needle System is typically used when access over a non load-bearing structure is required. Its telescopic boom needle can be adjusted for the length and height you need. Fully extended, it can provide up to 1.8 metres of cantilever functionality for a rope access load of up to 15kN.

Stadium Screen Savers

Raptor Rope Access Needle System at Cbus Super Stadium

The Cbus Super Stadium team now have safe and fully-compliant access to their front face of new North East mega screen. Coupled with the right PPE and rope access equipment, maintenance crews can now use the twin rope access system to safely access the screen for ongoing cleaning, repairs and maintenance as needed.

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