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Height Safety Audit Guide

A height safety audit is the best way to zero-in on a zero harm site. It maps any gaps between the height safety equipment you have and the height safety system and work-at-height procedures you need. Then leaves you with a risk-rated, prioritised and costed plan to close those gaps.

Audit vs Inspection – what’s the difference?

  • Compliance inspections are more about Pass/Fail. Inspections ensure each individual piece of height safety equipment you use remains compliant with relevant Australian height safety Standards
  • Height safety audits are more about Before/After. Audits address risks and/or needs not met by your current height safety system and procedures. Recommend solutions will make work-at-height safer

Height Safety Audit Scope

At Height Dynamics, every height safety audit is a chance to save lives – so we leave no stone unturned.

Review site and
whole of system
(vs components)
+ Review procedures
for use of systems
and work
+ Review user instructions
and Safe Work Method
Statements (SWMS)
Audit canvases roof access and height safety system needs – both now and looking forward – across the whole of your siteAudit looks at on-site norms, processes and procedures that guide work-at-height and the use of height safety systemsAudit reviews instructions for system use (incl SWMS), plus equipment recommendations, rope access rigging plans and set-up requirements

Four reasons to fast-track your height safety audit

Four tell-tale signs that work-at-height on your site might not be safe and you need a height safety audit:

#1 Missing Documentation#2 Unfit-for-Purpose System
Height Safety Audit of Missing DocumentationHeight Safety Audit  of Unfit-for-Purpose System
– No documentation for roof access system(s)
– No documentation for height safety system(s)
– No user manual guiding safe use of system(s)
– No documentation of work-at-height procedures
– No rigging or rope access plan for contractors
– Documentation needed for new build handover
– No safe access to one or more parts of the roof
– System doesn’t suit steep/multi-level roof profile
– System doesn’t reach all old/new roof plant
– System inadequate for volume/frequency of use
– Users have to bypass or work around system
If your height safety systems and procedures aren’t properly documented, you’re flying blind

A height safety system that fails to meet the current needs of users is full of hidden fall risks

#3 Older System or Site#4 Unclear Procedures
Height Safety Audit of Older Site or SystemHeight Safety Audit of Unclear Procedures
– Over 10 years since installation or last audit
– Roof wear-and-tear possibly undermining system
– Some elements of system near to failure/expiry
– System design may not meet current Standards
– Limited access to height safety experienced staff
– On-site work-at-height supervision not available
– No minimum height safety training requirements
– No Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
– The SWMS available don’t address all risks
– No suitable rescue plan agreed for the site
Gradual deterioration in the condition of your site or height safety system can lead to sudden failure

Work-at-height is dangerous. Don’t neglect to prepare users to use your height safety system


Leave no stone unturned with a Height Dynamics audit

Height Safety Audit from Height DynamicsOur audits begin with a holistic review of your site, roof access and height safety systems, work needs, procedures and documentation.

We then risk-rate every compliance issue, map any gaps in your system and identify procedural and other documentation required.

Your audit report will recommend, detail and cost fully-compliant solutions which we can install and/or you can implement over time.

Ready to fall-proof your site?