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Dangerous Anchors – Part 5

Dangerous Concrete Anchor
Main image courtesy Cam Fairbairn

Enough is Enough! Say No to Dangerous Anchors

Another set of examples of dangerous fall arrest anchors tagged safe for use…!!! Does someone have to die before the Height Safety Industry is taken to task for allowing anchors like these to be certified?

Height safety systems, such as these examples, have the potential to cause fatalities. Why is it then that these dangerous fall arrest systems are being installed without severe consequences for the installers, or the companies that they work for?

The anchor points on the end of this staticline are not rated to take the increased forces an end anchor requires. This system will fail if some one falls while attached

Seeing fall arrest anchors like these is just more proof that the industry must be better regulated. This will ensure that customers and end-users are protected from injury or death that is caused by companies installing these non-compliant systems.

Surely it makes perfect sense that the installation of safety-critical anchors and static lines should be inspected by an independent third party. The industry needs accountability to ensure height safety anchors meet a minimum safety standard?

The rivets on these end anchors have not set properly. This fall arrest system had been in use for 12 months before Height Dynamics team inspected them. Another potentially fatal accident just waiting to happen.

There are plenty of examples of critical services that require independent third party inspections before commissioning. Surely if an inflatable amusement device (i.e. bouncy castle or slide) needs to be registered as plant, an anchor point that has a single point of failure should also.

The only reason there have been no deaths from non-compliant anchors is that generally, people don’t fall.

Let’s not wait until someone has died using a non-compliant or dangerous fall arrest anchors before we change the regulations.

If you have any doubt as to the integrity of a safety system at your site, DO NOT USE IT. Contact Height Dynamics Height Safety System Inspectors for more information.