Installation Services

Building owners and managers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace and safe access to all areas of their building that require ongoing maintenance. With the growing demand for safety in all areas of todays work places, it is important to ensure that the height safety systems being installed on meet your obligations under the Workplace Health and Safety.

Height Dynamics work with engineers, architects and various industry professionals in providing access systems that are compliant with all relevant codes, standards and regulations. Through close consultation with our clients Height Dynamics will design and construct a system that is task specific, user friendly and exceeds the requirements of Australian Standards.

Height Dynamics will ensure your installation meets all relevant standards and provide supporting documentation in accordance with Australian Standards.

Emphasis is placed on installing a system that is "user friendly" to use to ensure that training and equipment requirements are simplified.

Services by Height Dynamics

Height Dynamics can help with advice and installation of:

  • Fall protection & roof access systems
  • Anchor points & static lines
  • Ladders, walkways & guardrails

Height Dynamics ensure that all the elements of our height safety systems have been installed in accordance with the manufacturers specifications. All height safety systems are tested and tagged with a comprehensive written report supplied upon completion of the installation. If required the systems are inspected and certified by a RPEQ Structural Engineer.


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